Peralta case dismissal is not the end of possible legal woes

Peralta case dismissal is not the end of possible legal woes

CHALMETTE, LA (WVUE) - The Attorney General's office dismissed the sexual battery case against Dave Peralta Tuesday, but the parish president's legal battle is far from done.

"This isn't the end," FOX 8 legal analyst Joe Raspanti said. "They are going to come back and pile the charges together because they will all strengthen each other in [the Attorney General's] mind."

At the beginning of the month, Assistant Attorney General Molly Lancaster wanted the April 20 case against Peralta delayed because an ongoing grand jury investigation is looking into other possible wrongdoing by the parish president. The judge denied the delay. The AG then pulled the plug while there was "a strong possibility a superseding indictment will be returned in the near future."

"They wanted to consolidate all the charges. Well that doesn't really make sense and seems disingenuous because they brought the stalking charge in St. Tammany Parish when they could have just have easily brought it in St. Bernard. The point of it is [the AG's office] dismissed it because the judge was forcing them to trial on Monday and they weren't ready to go," Raspanti said.

Peralta is still facing stalking charges in St. Tammany for allegedly harassing his ex-wife after she accused him of rape in 2013.

The actions Peralta is accused of after his initial sexual battery charge could end up having him face malfeasance charges as well as intimidating a witness.

"We have to put our heads down and just look toward the future for our citizens," St. Bernard Parish At-Large Councilman Guy McGinnis said.

McGinnis wants the parish to reestablish its image that he said has been tarnished by Peralta's ongoing legal battle.

"It's something that he's dealing with and we're dealing with now with this grand jury that's meeting, and some of our employees are affected by it," McGinnis said.

Peralta did not respond to FOX 8's request for comment.

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