Raceland father talks about desperate effort to save 3-year-old

Raceland father talks about desperate effort to save 3-year-old

RACELAND, LA (WVUE) - A 3-year-old Raceland boy drowned after being swept away in a drainage canal Tuesday. It happened behind the child's home at 1 p.m.

The boy's father, Drake Dufrene, said Remy ran out of the house while his grandmother was pouring him a glass of milk. She ran after him, but he went straight for the rising waters of the drainage ditch.

"I could hear some screaming," said the boy's grandfather. "I came outside and she said he fell in the ditch, so I told my wife to call the fire department."

Drake Dufrene said he also heard the screaming and ran outside, but Remy had already been swept away. He said the ditch is normally about 5 feet deep, was much higher Tuesday because of the rain.

"I got in the ditch as soon as I could make my way," Dufrene said. "My baby was lying face up in the water."

Remy's body was found about 75 feet from his house. Emergency personnel performed CPR on Remy, but Dufrene said it was too late. He said his son was full of life and loved to be outdoors and play soccer.

"I'm gonna remember him as my little angel. My baby boy who didn't get to begin to start living life yet. A 3-year-old taken away from his family and his life taken way too soon," he said.

The family says they're very grateful to the emergency personnel who jumped into the ditch with them to try to save. They're still in shock that it all happened in their backyard.

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