Red light camera settlement has drivers seeing green

Red light camera settlement has drivers seeing green

METAIRIE, LA (WVUE) - Drivers recorded breaking the law in Jefferson Parish could see money headed in their direction.

On Tuesday, Jefferson officials agreed to settle a lawsuit against the traffic camera company Redflex.

"I don't see the cameras coming back. We want traffic safety without question, but we also want what's fair too," Jefferson Parish Councilman Chris Roberts said. "I think the real issue for me was knowing that people were being compensated off of the fines that were being issued."

The lawsuit has been ongoing since 2008, and the agreement allows drivers who paid tickets to Redflex to get a refund.

"They will be making contact with anyone in Jefferson Parish who received a ticket," Roberts said.

Penalized drivers who paid will receive some kind of refund but not necessarily the full amount. Redflex will refund drivers from the company's $20 million escrow that it used to pay for court costs.

Those who got a ticket from Redflex and did not pay also do not have to worry, according to Roberts.

"I think the whole system is designed solely to separate the driver from the money in his wallet," attorney Joseph McMahon said.

McMahon along with several other attorneys have been through the legal process since the beginning, and he's also involved in an ongoing lawsuit against red light cameras in Orleans Parish.

"Most feel like it's big brother watching out for them," McMahon said.

Roberts expects it will take about a year for the entire refund process to be completed.

Redflex is responsible for taking down all of its equipment along Jefferson Parish streets.

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