Bruce: Extended wet weather will predominate

Bruce: Extended wet weather will predominate

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - We have seen a nice break in the heavy rains today as most has fallen to our west and south, but the flash flood watch remains in effect through Saturday night.

Numerous days of heavy rain has the ground saturated, and with very moist air in place, any showers that develop have the potential to blossom into storms with heavy rainfall. Like we saw yesterday, gusty winds and hail are also a possibility.

The storm prediction center places us under a slight risk of severe weather tomorrow and all of Southeast Louisiana and the Mississippi Gulf coast covered under a slight risk for Saturday.

A deep trough to our west forcing warm moist air from the Pacific across Mexico is pumped up even more as it encounters the warm waters of the Gulf. It's providing massive amounts of moisture for small disturbances to use as fuel for storms.

Extended forecast wet weather will dominate.

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