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More heavy rainfall expected as Flash Flood Watch extended through Saturday: Get your full forecast on the FOX 8 Morning Edition


It's been a busy week so far. While it hasn't been a total wash-out everywhere, most locations in our viewing area have amassed rain totals upwards of 4-5 inches through the week and there is more to come.

We remain under a Flash Flood Watch extended through Saturday with the expectation that we will see several more rounds of heavy rainfall.

The weekend has the potential to bring some of the most extreme weather we have dealt with so far.

The Storm Prediction Center places us under a marginal risk of severe weather Friday and Saturday with a slight risk still in play for Sunday.

Keep the rain gear available as it looks like it will be late Sunday before we finally start to see things drying out.

The good news is that once that happens, we will get a real break and we should see several days of dry weather.

Hopefully there will be enough breaks in the stormy conditions to allow the numerous weekend events to go on without many issues.

Our marine forecast is quite rocky with so many storms just off the coast.

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