Bad navi-gator: Wranglers wrestle reptile from driveway

Bad navi-gator: Wranglers wrestle reptile from driveway
Source: Nikki Wallace Ruiz (Facebook)
Source: Nikki Wallace Ruiz (Facebook)

HAMMOND, LA (WVUE) - Rain brought an unwanted visitor to a rural subdivision in Hammond, Louisiana.

Nikki Ruiz tried to let her dog outside on Tuesday, but the Chihuahua saw something she did not.

"My small dog wouldn't go outside to go to the bathroom but I didn't know why," Ruiz said.

An alligator sat in her driveway. The house sits next to a large creek and high waters from a week of rain brought the alligator a bit closer than normal.

"This time of year the gators are hungry because of five-months of hibernation from the winter," Ruiz said. "We also have other dogs in our back yard with a weak fence."

Ruiz claims she sees alligators around her home often, but she has never seen one so close. Seeing an alligator this close had Ruiz fearing for the safety of her nephew and dogs.

She called Kliebert's Turtle and Alligator Farm, a small family-owned business in Hammond. Kliebert's told Ruiz that they were not licensed to take the alligator, but they would help her move the gator away from her home.

A crew of three men showed up at Ruiz's home. Mike "T-Mike" Kliebert led the moving efforts, snapping the gator's jaws shut with his bare hands. T-Mike holds the gator steady as two others steady the 5-foot gator.

They wrap the alligator's jaws shut with electrical tape and remove the alligator from the driveway.

Ruiz said T-Mike and the boys were happy to help, but advised her to call the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries if another alligator approached her home.

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