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PIB: 25-year NOPD veteran fired for assaulting man after traffic accident


A 25-year veteran of the New Orleans Police Department was terminated Friday after the Public Integrity Bureau determined that he assaulted a man after a traffic accident.

Tracy Fulton Sr. was most recently assigned to the Fourth District.

The PIB found that on Sept 4, 2013, at about 12:20 p.m., Fulton, who was off duty in plain clothes and driving his person vehicle, was involved in a collision with Eladio Cruz at the intersection of Earhart Boulevard and Monroe Street. The collision resulted in minor damage to both vehicles.

Fulton got out of his car and approached Cruz, opened the left side rear door to Cruz's vehicle and began using “profane and derogatory language” with Cruz and his passengers. Cruz left the scene, and Fulton followed him.

While pursuing Cruz, Fulton called the NOPD Second District Station and the NOPD Command Desk to report the incident. The PIB concluded that “Fulton had ample time to withdraw from the conflict that he escalated and that he could have provided members of the police department with a description of Cruz's vehicle, including location and license plate number.”

Instead, when Cruz reached his destination, Fulton got out of his car and approached Cruz, grabbing by his shirt and punching him. He then kicked Cruz in the stomach, according to the PIB. Cruz sustained an abrasion to his chest, facial bone fractures and a concussion.

The PIB determined that Fulton violated the following departmental rules and state law:

“Rule 2: Moral Conduct; Paragraph 1, Adherence to Law, to wit: Revised Statute 14 section 34.1, Relative to Second Degree Battery upon Mr. Eladio Cruz

“Rule 3: Professional Conduct; Paragraph 1, Professionalism; and

“Rule IX, Section 1, Paragraph 1.1, of the City Civil Service Rules relative to Maintaining Standards of Service”

“There is no place in the department for individuals who choose to mistreat the people we have a sworn duty to protect and serve,” said NOPD Superintendent Michael Harrison. “Based on the results of the PIB investigation, we made the decision to dismiss the officer immediately.”

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