Incredible video: Neighbors delighted by building collapse

Incredible video: Neighbors delighted by building collapse

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - An apartment building in the Milan neighborhood partially collapsed - to the delight of nearby neighbors.

One man caught the collapse on camera as two floors of the three-story building fell on the corner of Amelia and Dryades streets.

"It was a ticking time bomb. It was only a matter of time before this building would come down. It's been sitting in a state of disrepair, completely lacking any sort of renovation from the owner for years. It's had squatters in and out, it's had taggers in and out," said Cait Gladow, who lives nearby.

Other neighbors have tried to get the eyesore removed, but now they're just happy the building is on the way out.

"The neighborhood has been against it for years. It's not even zoned to be a nine-plex anymore, so it's functionally obsolete at this point, so we are just excited that it fell on its own, probably from all the rain this week," said Ashley Fournerat, who lives next door.

The city said the property is now scheduled for emergency demolition, and the debris should be removed next week.

Residents feel like they can continue revitalizing the neighborhood.

"Everyone around here is redoing their homes, the neighborhood is coming back, so this just - it just makes everyone happy," Fournerat said.

The city said the property was in violation of city codes prior to the collapse and was in the process of being routed to a sheriff's sale.

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