NOPD: Suspect was 'erratic, sick' prior to shooting

NOPD: Suspect was 'erratic, sick' prior to shooting

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - A man was arrested Friday minutes after he shot a woman inside a CBD restaurant.

Travone Williams, 23, was booked into Central Lock-Up on a charge of attempted second-degree murder. The incident happened at 4:20 inside the China Wall restaurant in the 1100 block of Canal Street.

According to the witnesses, Williams walked into the restaurant around 4:05 p.m. acting erratic and bizarre and throwing up. He told the customers and employees to call the police for an unknown reason. Moments later, a woman walked into the restaurant to try to calm Williams down. Williams then reached into a backpack, produced a gun and fired two shots, striking the woman once in the head.

Customers and employees ran out of the building for safety, leaving Williams and the victim inside.

An NOPD officer was working overtime in the CBD when he was flagged down by witnesses. The officer entered the restaurant with other officers in an "active shooter" tactical mode, and after a brief standoff, Williams surrendered.

The victim was hospitalized in critical condition.

Officers recovered the gun on the scene.

Detectives are trying to establish a motive, but police do believe the suspect and victim knew each other.

Court records show Williams has previous arrests for possession with intent to distribute marijuana in 2012 and possession of stolen property in 2013.

Eighth District Detective Ryan St. Martin and Homicide Detective Tidell Murder are jointly in charge of the investigation and can be reached at (504) 658-6080 or (504) 658-5300.

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