New Orleans bars & restaurants cash in on Pelicans playoffs

New Orleans bars & restaurants cash in on Pelicans playoffs

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Pelicans fans packed area bars and restaurants Saturday, looking to catch the playoff action. Business owners tell FOX 8, they're cashing in, big time!

Some came decked out in Pelicans colors, others donned team t-shirts and jerseys. All, with one goal in mind, to cheer on the Pels to victory.

"New Orleans, you can't beat it, everyone comes out for it, it's awesome," said fan Lynn Duay.

Christy Harper hoped she could bring good luck to the team, doing what she did during Wednesday night's game against the Spurs.

"We're saying the rosary, I said it in the arena the whole last quarter and we won," Harper said.

Despite her hopes, the prayers didn't help the team overcome the Golden State Warriors. But as fans point out, it's only game one of a seven-game series. "They've got their work cut out, I think they can pull it off, gonna take a lot of hard work and dedication," Paul Darbonne said.

And that's potentially six more games that area bars and restaurants can expect to be packed!

"The more games they win, the better we do," said Barcadia manager Alan Abboud.

At Barcadia, extra staff were brought in for Saturday's game. Abboud says the extra business helps make up for a Saints season that ended far too soon. "It's economically better for the city, its economically better for every business that's in the French Quarter area or downtown in this vicinity," Abboud explained.

At Manning's, the host of the official Pelicans watch party Saturday, they're stocking up for the next few games. Manager Scott Hellmers explains, "We had a very large order from our weekend order, Thursday afternoon, was probably double what it normally is, so with beer and food product, we're definitely glad but yeah we prepped up for it."

It's going to be an exciting few games. Fan Alex Prejean says, "When they come back to New Orleans I think they might be able to steal one back at home. That's what I'm hoping for. I think it'll be good for the city, good to see us win."

Regardless of how the team fares, Christy Harper says it's important to remember, "Even if we don't win this is our home team, you have to support them, that's the whole point."

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