VIRAL VIDEO: They're having an ice ice 'baby'

VIRAL VIDEO: They're having an ice ice 'baby'

HOUMA, LA (WVUE) - All right, stop, collaborate and read this. A couple decided to get creative when they announced they are having a baby.

Sierra and Josh Kennedy, of Houma, made a music video using music from Vanilla Ice's "Ice Ice Baby."

"Something's making my jeans grow tightly, peeing like a racehorse daily and nightly," Sierra rapped next to her husband as they sat with sunglasses in their car. "Will it ever stop, oh, we know. Seven more months and I'll blow."

The happy couple continued with the creative lyrics and even helped with visual cues. Josh held up bags of ice when appropriate and Sierra showed pictures of the sonogram.

The couple posted the video to YouTube Sunday. They are expecting in November.

That is when they might find themselves "Under Pressure," the classic Queen song that Vanilla Ice sampled for "Ice Ice Baby."

Mobile viewers can see their video here:

And can relive the early 90s here:

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