VIDEO: Woman accused of throwing bleach in the face of high school student

VIDEO: Woman accused of throwing bleach in the face of high school student

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Cameras catch a woman throwing bleach on a couple of high school students at a gas station and a big fight breaks out.

The suspect has been identified as Deanna Rudison, 55. She faces two counts of aggravated battery.

Witnesses say it happened after the woman accused the students of cutting her in line.

This all unfolded at the Quick Stop Gas Station at Louisiana and Carondelet.

Witnesses say they were shocked.

Surveillance video shows students hanging outside of the Quick Stop.

What it doesn't show you is the heated exchange that witnesses say happened inside of the store just minutes earlier.

They say a women accused a couple of female students from Cohen College Prep of cutting her in line.

As the teens waited outside of the store, witnesses say the woman purchased a bottle of bleach and then could be seen on the video leaving with an open bottle in her right hand.

The video shows the woman walk past the girls and then throw the bleach in their faces.

"You know you're arguing and then you deliberately go and buy a bottle bleach to throw in a baby's face; you got kids so you got to understand how those kids parents feel. It didn't make no sense to me," said Evelyn Harp, an employee at the Quick Stop.

It was then a fight breaks out.

The woman and several students push, shove and throw punches.

Everything eventually moves to the woman's silver car in the parking lot where she appears to try and pull away, but you can see one of the girls run up and kick her window.

That's when an unknown man slams one of the Cohen students to the ground, allegedly cutting her face.

Witnesses say the girl was taken to the hospital.

The New Orleans Police Department says the suspect seen in the video was arrested after turning herself in.

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