Cork is the bark of the cork oak tree which is typically found in Portugal and Spain. That's where about 75% of the world's cork comes from and it's the outer bark of the tree so it's the only tree in the world that doesn't die when you take its bark.

Some people consider cork a fairytale fabric.

Cork in general aside it being lightweight is better than leather for several reasons, one would be that it's waterproof, cork won't scratch, so scratch resistant, stain resistant, waterproofing, it's antimicrobial so it's very clean, a lot of people who have high allergies use cork floors for that reason, it is mildew resistant, it's a natural insect repellant, it is hypoallergenic, doesn't trap stains or odors and it cleans very easily.

Typically the most important items we have in the store and the things we have the majority of are bags. We design our own bags, we have our own bag line and we either have made or source from Portugal some other smaller things and it's everything from umbrellas to shoes to pens, cosmetic bags, wallets, jewelry, bowls that are made out of cork like the actual bark tree, placemats, coasters, aprons, everything.

You can find out more by visiting this website: http://www.queork.com/