New Orleans City Park

New Orleans City Park

The summer rolls around and the energy is here, things keep hopping at City Park, the list is almost too long but we would like to share just a few things that are good opportunities for this summer.

City Putt, our miniature golf course open during the summer, great thing when the kids are out of school bring them out to City Putt and play a few rounds of golf.

It's been known to get a little warm in New Orleans during the summer, there's a beautiful shade garden in the Botanical Garden. Bring your kids out and go through the shade garden, it's very tranquil.

We have tennis camps at our tennis center. If the kids are good you can reward them with some beignets and café au lait or iced café au lait at Morning Call.

Swing sets are always open so whether you are coming out for a picnic and spending a half an hour or want to spend half the day there's plenty to do. Additionally since it's summer we have bicycle rentals and boat rentals at big lake. Every day you see people out on kayaks and on the bicycle suris going throughout the park.

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