Exclusive: Bleach attack victim describes what happened

Exclusive: Bleach attack victim describes what happened

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - The teenager attacked by a woman wielding a bottle of bleach admits she got into an argument with the woman but tried to avoid her before the woman doused her and a friend with bleach.

Police say Deanna Rudison, 55, doused two teenage girls with bleach after an argument inside the Quick Stop near the corner of Carondelet and Louisiana in the Milan neighborhood.

Ronnica Clark, 18, was with friends getting breakfast at the gas station when the argument started because Rudison thought Clark was cutting in line.

"I was ordering my breakfast and the lady just started calling me a stupid 'B' and saying I was skipping," Clark said. "I said I hope you've got a degree because you're sitting here like a grown woman and you shouldn't be doing this."

Clark said that's when she left the store and called her mother, who told her to just head to school. But while she waited for her friends, the woman attacked.

"She was telling me I was stupid, and she said she was gonna be smart and stoop down to my level. and next thing you know she came out there and really showed me she was gonna stoop to a child's level, and she came out there and threw bleach and wanted to fight children," Clark said.

Clark admits that after the initial attack, her friends started fighting back, and then she kicked the woman's car as she was trying to drive away.

"She was trying to leave and me and my brother were trying to stop her from leaving, and at first I blacked out and I'm not gonna lie - I kicked her car, and I was trying to stop her from leaving and she's still pulling off, and next thing you know, her son came up behind me and threw me on the ground," Clark said.

The video shows a man slamming Clark to the ground, breaking her arm. Now the teenager will likely miss prom and she also lost her phone in the melee. But worse, she said she has to live with the memory of the attack.

"She's a grown woman and she threw bleach in my eyes, enough that I could be blind. I barely can see now," Clark said.

Rudison was booked with two counts of aggravated battery. Police are still searching for her son, Jonathan Rudison, but they say he is only a person of interest in the case.

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