Would-be robbers knock out windows at popular chicken restaurant

Would-be robbers knock out windows at popular chicken restaurant

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Before the cook at McHardy's could even drop the chicken Friday morning, would-be burglars struck not once, but twice.

"What's really going on? We fry good chicken, but you don't have to break in to get this chicken. Just come in and we'll fry chicken for you," said owner Alvi Mogilles.

Mogilles said the alarm at McHardy's went off the first time at around 1 a.m.

"We have hesitated in the past because it has been a safe environment. However, this time something from above told me, you need to get out, and that's what we did," Mogilles said.

She arrived to find an NOPD Officer on the scene and one of her front windows busted out. Mogilles said nothing was stolen from the restaurant, and her son put plywood on the broken window to make it through the night.

The owner said around 5 a.m. she began to head into work when she received a call that the alarm had sounded again. This time, she found another window bashed in.

"I want small businesses to be aware, because this is something that's been going on along Broad Street," Mogilles said.

FOX 8 obtained the incident report numbers and locations of burglaries in a four-block stretch of North Broad Street where Mc Hardy's is located. We discovered eight burglaries in 2014.

"Those perps that are doing these business burglaries, what we find is that they're using vehicles or some type of transportation. Those are the thoroughfares that make it easy to get in and get out of the area quickly," said NOPD Commander Ronnie Stevens.

The NOPD said the same robbers will often operate in a concentrated area.

"We have to address as a community what's going on right now. Are these young people? I don't know, cause that is the bigger problem. As a community, what do we do? As a city, what do we do?" Mogilles said.

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