They're DNA testing what?!

They're DNA testing what?!

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - You've heard all about DNA testing to solve crimes. But you won't believe what it's being used for now in New Orleans.

Something stinks in the Warehouse District and we're not talking about trash.

"Buster got swabbed for his DNA yesterday and he was a good boy, but he didn't like it, but he did it anyway," said neighbor Lolly Phillips.

You heard right, Buster the dog got his DNA test. But not to find out who his dog daddy is. It's part of a new pet policy at the Woodward Loft Apartments.

"We have a little problem here with dogs going where they're not supposed to, and we couldn't identify whose it was unless it was Buster's. His you can't hardly see," Phillips said.

Property manager Brenda Boettner says she was tired of neighbors letting their dogs go wherever they wanted without cleaning it up.

"It's a small property downtown. We don't have a lot of land, and you really have to pick up after your dog. And when we found that that wasn't happening, we decided to go with this DNA testing," Boettner said .

So, with a quick internet search she found Poo Prints, a pet waste management company specializing in DNA testing, of yeah, you guessed it... dog droppings.

"It's a world wide registry so they'll be able to identify their dogs anywhere at anytime," said Boettner.

A letter went out to residents informing them that dog owners would have to get their dogs DNA swabbed. That sample is then registered with Poo Prints, so they can prove who is not picking up after their pooch.

"I think it's a good idea because so many people let their dogs go anywhere and I would hate to have to step in it," said Phillips. "That way, they will know if any dogs are misbehaving and who they are."

While Phillips likes the new policy, other neighbors have complained about it.

"One person actually went so far as to say, 'what if somebody gets my dog poop out of the trash can and puts it out to frame me?'" said Boettner.

Whether you like the idea or not, it has been effective at The Woodward Loft Apartments. The property manager tells us ever since the letter went out, they haven't had any more messes.

We talked with the creator of Poo Prints. He tells us more than 1,100 properties nationwide are using his DNA testing and at least eight apartment and housing complexes in New Orleans are using it.

While it may be a funny concept, the property manager at the Woodward says they're taking it very seriously. If a neighbor doesn't clean up after their dog, they'll first be fined, but could eventually be evicted if they keep it up.

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