Thousands brave the rain to attend Jazz Fest Saturday

Thousands brave the rain to attend Jazz Fest Saturday

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Saturday's weather didn't keep huge crowds from attending Jazz Fest, but vendors admit, all the rain we've seen is a challenge for them.

After torrential downpours, the sun made an appearance just in time for Saturday's headlining act, The Who!

"A rainy day at Jazz Fest is better than no Jazz Fest at all," Melissa Richard said.

Not showing up, isn't an option for Richard and her kids. She explains, "My daughters' never missed a day, she's eight, the other one is five, she's never missed a day, we come every single day and they love it."

The kids played in the mud left behind from the rain. Others, simply tried to navigate through it.

Chris Drewes says he had to go barefoot, explaining, "Well, it's easier than with shoes because I lost my shoes about 30 feet ago."

Most of these fest goers came prepared for any kind of weather!

"I have a sun visor, I have sun screen, I have boots, I have a coat, I have an umbrella," Charlean Williams explained.

Vendors also prepared to brave the elements. But they admit, the rain Friday and Saturday affected their bottom line.

"It was a little slow to begin with but now I think its clearing up. I think people are coming out and they're spending their money," Marlo Christensen with New Orleans Original Daiquiris said.

Pete Hilzim, president of Kajun Kettle Foods, adds, "Yeah it dampens them a little bit but the problem is you have x amount of time to do something and so if you lose the time, you can never recover from it so we lost a sales block but it still, it all nets out."

Hilzim says he's looking ahead to re-coup some cash. "Tomorrow looks very good, next weekend looks spectacular. Cool, dry, sunny, we can't wait." Hilzim commented.

With the likes of The Who!, Tony Bennett, Lady Gaga and Elton John gracing the main stage, it's going to be an enjoyable and very profitable next few days!

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