JPSO arrests two teens for murder of Metairie father, son

JPSO arrests two teens for murder of Metairie father, son

METAIRIE, LA (WVUE) - Dexter Allen, 17, will be charged with two counts of first-degree murder while Haraquon Degruy, 18, faces two counts of accessory after the fact to first-degree murder and one count of vehicle burglary.

The two were arrested Friday in a stolen Toyota Highlander. When authorities tried to pull the car over, they say Allen refused to stop and led them on a chase. Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Normand says during the chase, the two threw evidence from the car; evidence that linked them to the murder of David and Nicholas Pence, and other auto burglaries. After a short pursuit, the two were arrested. Sunday, neighbors of the victims say they're still in shock.

"After all the work that's been done, we still don't have the answer as to why," Sheriff Normand said.

That's the question so many are asking after David and Nicholas Pence were shot to death in their home on Clifford Drive last Wednesday.

Neighbor Sam Liljeberg questions, "What made them go into the Pence's house? What did they see in that house?".

Investigators say surveillance video showed the two suspects, Degruy and Allen, pulling on door handles of vehicles around the neighborhood. Friends of Nicholas Pence saw the Toyota Highlander they were driving, passing the Pence home, while they were there celebrating a flag football victory. "The information that we have is he (Allen) grabbed the shotgun out of the car…and intended to go down the driveway and commit an armed robbery of the individuals there," Normand explained.

But first the suspects circled the block, according to the sheriff. When they returned to the Pence home, Nicholas Pence's friends had left, but there was a side door left open. Sheriff Normand says during questioning, Degruy admitted that Allen told her, he went into the home, and immediately opened fire.

Normand says, "We're not sure if Mr. Pence was even awake at the time. This particular happenstance was a complete, totally shock the conscience type of homicide."

The Pence's neighbors agree. Miriam Hodges says, "I'm just still walking around in a daze. To think they're sitting in their own home sleeping in their chairs and the next thing you know they're dead."

Liljeberg adds, "It still seems like a bad dream, like it didn't really happen. I keep waiting to wake up to see everything is ok."

After the murders, investigators discovered the door to David Pence's Mustang ajar and the glove compartment rifled through. Degruy's fingerprints were found on the car. They also believe an Ipad and cell phone were taken from inside the Pence home.

Sheriff Normand says neither suspect has a significant criminal history. Investigators are trying to determine if the two are also responsible for stealing the Toyota Highlander they were driving around in or if they knew someone else who committed that crime.

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