Weather stymies Mandeville homeowners trying to repair damage from Saturday

Weather stymies Mandeville homeowners trying to repair damage from Saturday

MANDEVILLE, LA (WVUE) - High winds and rain hammered Mandeville on Monday and hampered efforts to repair damage from severe storms on Saturday.

The blue roofs that were common after Katrina could once again be spotted on homes.

"Big boom and felt the house shake, and found a tree had crossed the front porch onto the roof," said Susan Howden, whose Colbert Street home sustained heavy damage.

High winds Saturday knocked down two trees in front of the Howden home, and residents trying to clean up were stymied by another bout of bad weather.

"A little nervous, but I keep checking it, and I think I've got things sealed up pretty well," said Howden.

Tree crews were scattered along Colbert, Albert and Lakeshore Drive, ready to carve up and carry out fallen trees as tall as 100 feet, but the s weather held things up.

"It's slowing us down a lot, the rains coming and going," said tree expert Ray Plescia.

In all, Mandeville Mayor Don Villere said about six houses were damaged in Saturday's storms, and he's urging everyone to make sure that anyone called in to handle trees is fully licensed.

Tree experts we spoke with said much of the damage was caused by trees that snapped off near the top of their canopies.

"It was high, snapped the trees in half, and went into the houses," said Plescia.

With heavy damage inside and out, it could take weeks for the Howden's home to recover.

"We've got one bedroom where the ceiling is blown out," said Howden.

And to think hurricane season is still a month away.

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