Contractor, crew narrowly escape collapsing house Uptown

Contractor, crew narrowly escape collapsing house Uptown

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - A home on Upperline near Annunciation Street collapsed during the wild weather Monday morning, and a contractor inside narrowly escaped the crumbling building.

Meljen Portillo was working with his crew to stabilize the building they were rehabbing when the wind started to pick up.

"We were actually bracing the house to get it ready, but it didn't help," he said. "The winds were pretty bad. Once we were trying to make our way out of here, we heard some cracking noises on the roof, we were trying to take out some tools in there, but we didn't get enough time to take out some tools."

Portillo and his team started to run out of the house, making it to the porch as the roof and walls collapsed.

"We could hear cracking in the roof, the wind blowing, we were scared, so we just hurried it up because the house was coming down. We knew it was going to come down, because it was shaking from side to side," Portillo said.

Portillo said the escape was like a scene out of an action movie.

"The only thing that was missing was an explosion," he said. "The only thing that was missing was fire. We actually got chased down by the house to get out."

Now Portillo said the home will have to be completely rebuilt, but on the bright side, his crew, who all escaped unharmed, will have more work in the future.

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