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Throwback: Public Enemy's sign language interpreter gives spirited Jazz Fest performance

The sign language interpreter for Public Enemy is one of the best performers at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival today.

Posted by OffBeat Magazine on Friday, April 25, 2014
Source: OffBeat Magazine (Facebook) Source: OffBeat Magazine (Facebook)

It is a video that recently resurfaced, but never gets old during Jazz Fest.

Public Enemy took the stage in 2014. However, it was Holly Maniatty, the hip-hop group's American Sign Language interpreter, who gave one of the most spirited performances of the night.

Maniatty is a certified (CI/CT, NIC: Master) interpreter. She's a bit of a celebrity in the ASL community. She has worked for several high profile artists, including the Wu-Tang Clan and Bruce Springsteen. She has also appeared on Jimmy Kimmel, signing for Wiz Khalifa in a sign language rap battle. 

Mobile users can watch her Jazz Fest performance here: 

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