Stern questions in post-Katrina bridge shootings case

Stern questions in post-Katrina bridge shootings case

NEW ORLEANS (AP) - Government prosecutors faced stern questions from openly skeptical appeals court judges asked to reinstate convictions of five former New Orleans police officers in deadly shootings after Hurricane Katrina.

A federal judge threw out the convictions, saying federal prosecutors' anonymous online postings tainted the trial.

Prosecutors say there was no evidence the jury verdict was affected.

The ex-officers' attorneys say the prosecutors' misconduct, and the evasiveness of some prosecutors during a subsequent investigation of the misconduct, warrant a new trial.

Two people died and four were injured in the September 2005 shootings at New Orleans' Danziger Bridge. Four officers were convicted of civil rights violations. All five were convicted in the cover-up.

The three judges of the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeal did not indicate Wednesday when they will rule.

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