Bridge City dog missing four years found in Iowa

Bridge City dog missing four years found in Iowa

BRIDGE CITY, LA (WVUE) - Five pounds of fur took over first class as a little dog completed a long journey home.

Sam, a Yorkshire terrier, disappeared from his home in Bridge City nearly four years ago.

His family searched everywhere for the dog but eventually realized they might never find their beloved pet.

That changed a couple weeks ago when Animal Care and Control in Cedar Rapids, Iowa picked up a Yorkie at a playground.

They ran his microchip and discovered it was Sam.

Karisa Lambert got the dog as a birthday present when she was four and couldn't believe her dog was coming home.

"I feel really happy to get my dog back," she says. "It's been a long time and all those years I thought I'd never see him again and here I am getting my dog back finally. I'm really happy about it."

Animal Care and Control in Cedar Rapids says Sam had a skin allergy when they found him and also bad teeth. They treated him at the shelter in Iowa before bringing him back and credit the dog's microchip for making the reunion possible.

United Airlines flew Sam first class from Cedar Rapids to New Orleans.

He's returning home to a lot of new toys and plenty of love.

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