Some still without power after Monday's severe weather

DES ALLEMANDS, LA (WVUE) - It may feel like hurricane season for some. Monday's severe weather left thousands across Louisiana in the dark. And the lights haven't come back on for some in Des Allemands.

We went to what is usually the quiet Cypress Drive. But on Thursday, the constant buzz of generators was a reminder of just how bad Monday's storms were.

"We knew the weather was supposed to be bad, we're used to that. We live in South Louisiana, we get rain, but we just did not expect it to turn that quick," said Des Allemands resident Glenda LeBlanc.

You could still see storm damage on the ground. Le Blanc's carport was blown right off her driveway.

"Most people in the neighborhood are helping each other now with their generators, and we're going from house to house making sure everybody saves their food stuff," Le Blanc said.

Other neighbors told us they too still don't have power. Patricia Dominique was there to help her son who was dealing with warm weather and his restless toddler.

"She's a little irritable. I finally got her to sleep, right now, and my son got a little generator from someone and we got a little fan blowing on her," Dominique said.

We saw a convoy of utility crews in the neighborhood Thursday afternoon working to fix several broken power poles and downed lines. While those living in Des Allemands are thankful no one was hurt, they're ready for life to return to normal.

"It's loud. We're used to not having that much noise. It's kind of weird at night because there are no lights," LeBlanc said.

Neighbors told us they're hearing from Entergy it could be Saturday before their power is restored. But according to Entergy's website, they hope to have the lights back on for Cypress Drive by Friday.

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