'Boom, I hit him good!' Man punches bear to save dog

'Boom, I hit him good!' Man punches bear to save dog

(WVUE) - A California man risked his life to save his dog when a bear tried to get into his home.

"I ain't run from nothing," Carl Moore said. "I never have in my whole life, and I ain't going to start now. And you're not going to sacrifice my babies for some damn bear."

Moore punched the bear in the head when it tried to get through his gate earlier this week and threatened Lacey, his Chihuahua. Moore said his yelling startled the bear, but he just couldn't help himself and went after the 300-pound animal.

"And I raised both hands in the air, and I cussed at him, 'Rrraaaaaaa! Get out of here you bastard!" Moore said. "He come up like this and turned, boom! I hit him hard."

Moore is a former Marine and says he still exercises every day.

Fish and wildlife rangers believe the bear was after chickens on Moore's property.

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