Slidell's hero K9 takes a bite out of crime again

Slidell's hero K9 takes a bite out of crime again

SLIDELL, LA (WVUE) - The hero K9 from the Slidell Police Department is back in action, this time tracking down a suspected crook in a smelly trash can.

Police say Scotty Booker III and Anquidita James stole more than $800 worth of items from the Walmart near I-10, and then tried to drive away.

"They saw the vehicle on the I-10 Service Road, tried to make a traffic stop, when they did the passenger jumps out of the car and flees," said Det. Daniel Seuzeneau.

That's when detectives called the K9 unit to help catch the man. Officer Justin Stokes and "Scout" were first on the scene, and Scout jumped into action.

"I come outside and there's Scout at the driveway, and Scout starts to come toward me, so I cross the bushes and come outside the gate," said Justin Drain, who lives at the home where police say Booker was caught.

Police were certain Booker was somewhere near the house, but couldn't locate him until Scout nosed him out in a dirty trash can.

"I threw a bag of trash away that morning and it made me sick, so I can only imagine what he was thinking while he was in there," said Drain, who had recently discarded seafood from a fishing trip. "All I can do is laugh because of the fish and the shrimp that are in there."

Once Booker knew he was discovered, he tried to run, but Scout quickly nabbed him.

"You cannot outrun these dogs," Seuzeneau said. "These dogs are really fast, they train weekly for these kinds of things, and you can't get away. And once again, the K9 proved to be an invaluable tool to our police department."

Booker is charged with felony theft, resisting arrest by flight, and resisting arrest by violence. Police said James complied with their orders and was only charged with felony theft.

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