Elton John draws massive crowd at Jazz Fest

Elton John draws massive crowd at Jazz Fest

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Thousands headed to the Fair Grounds Saturday to enjoy the last weekend of Jazz Fest! The day's headlining act, Elton John, didn't disappoint.

He's known worldwide as many of the most talented musicians of our time.

"Who doesn't want to see Elton John? I mean come on," fest-goer Tammie Robinson said.

John's prominence helped Jazz Fest score record crowds Saturday. Overflow areas outside of the Fair Grounds track had to be opened to accommodate all of the music lovers.

"I think it's more crowded today than any day so far," Lynette Cheavis said.

Blaine Samanie adds, "It's the biggest I've ever seen it."

Many scouted out spots and perched for hours, waiting for the day's final performance. Others, perused the various stages, and of course, had their fill of good eats.

Gilbert Swift explains, "The trout was amazing, I'm in from D.C. and this was absolutely the best food anywhere. I would weigh 300 pounds if I lived in New Orleans, no kidding."

Food vendors say sales were good Saturday, but won't make up for a lackluster first weekend, thanks to the weather.

"I don't think you ever catch up, you can't put back all those people that were supposed to be in there. I think we just call it a wash and thank goodness we don't have to mortgage the house," vendor Eileen Vucinovich said.

Rain wasn't an issue this Saturday, fest goers only had to fight the beating sun while trying to stay cool.

Cassandra Moore says, "We're using our umbrellas and plenty of frozen daiquiris."

With beautiful weather and awesome entertainment so many of these festival goers say this was one of the best Jazz Fests they've ever been to.

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