Off-duty firefighter pulls couple from burning home

Off-duty firefighter pulls couple from burning home

An off-duty New Orleans firefighter rescued a couple from a burning home early Saturday morning.

According to a news release from the NOFD, firefighter Roddrick Harrison noticed flames coming from a roof behind a bar at the corner of Frenchmen and Burgundy around 2:30 a.m Saturday.

He immediately notified Fire Alarm. Then, a woman told him her daughter was still inside an upstairs bedroom.

Harrison went into the home on his hands and knees and found the bedroom door. He found a man and woman still in bed, but it took some doing to get them out.

By Harrison's account, "They seemed to be a little incoherent or disoriented so I had to shake them to get them to focus. I literally had to pull both of them out of the bed to get them up and moving."

Harrison said he had to drag the man down the stairs and out of the house to safety.

Harrison also stopped another man who ran back into the burning house to get retrieve some items.

The NOFD says when fire engines arrived, he helped them hook up to the hydrant.

Supt. Timothy McConnell praised Harrison for his bravery, "This is an example of a young firefighter going above and beyond, risking his life while off-duty to save the lives of two others. We're extremely proud of Roddrick and I'm sure the couple whose lives he saved are eternally grateful."

The rescued couple was checked out at the scene and refused further treatment.

Seven NOFD companies and 22 firefighters had the fire under control at 3:01 a.m.

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