Jazz Fest crowds, lines, parking - should organizers limit tickets?

Jazz Fest crowds, lines, parking - should organizers limit tickets?

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Another Jazz Fest has come and gone, but this year's crowds have a lot of people talking.

"It was great! it was a lot of people, but that's to be expected," said Treree Bradford, who traveled from Chicago to New Orleans to see Lenny Kravitz.

It was elbow-to-elbow Saturday as tens of thousands of festival goers headed to the Acura stage to see Elton John. Sunday was packed, too. And that left some fans wondering if organizers should limit tickets, especially when you consider how to keep fans safe.

"Capping attendance would probably be a good thing, yes, I would think so," said Jazz Fest-goer, Alex Lyle. "I do a lot of festivals. I do Coachella, Bonnaroo, I do ACL. My first impression when I walked in was it wasn't that crowded, but as the day went on, it got extremely crowded, and the little race track that goes around it - which is great for crowd flow - even that got crowded at the end."

Others don't like the idea of capping attendance.

"I think it would be a shame to cap it and not allow people to come in. At the same time, it was extremely crowded and you got to the point where you couldn't see the artists or just kind of got pigeon holed once you were there. There really wasn't much turning around," said Nicole Kelley who attended the second Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

We reached out to Jazz Fest organizers about this year's attendance, but they would not talk on-camera with us, saying they don't have those numbers yet. But, we did talk with the New Orleans Convention and Visitors Bureau about it.

"You do get to a point where it gets very very crowded," said New Orleans Convention and Visitors Bureau President and CEO, Stephen Perry. "I heard that this weekend, but I saw a lot of smiling faces too."

And while there's still no word yet on how many people went to Jazz Fest this year or whether this weekend's crowds broke any records, there's no question it was a big moneymaker for New Orleans.

"For the city, it was an economic boom," Perry said.

Another question some of you might have: Should organizers limit the number of chairs fans can bring in or ban them altogether? Jazz Fest organizers tell us they'll talk to us later this week, once they have those attendance numbers.

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