Advisory: Biloxi beach closed, seafood collected nearshore may be unsafe -- Open in app for details

BILOXI, MS (WVUE) - Officials have now closed Biloxi West Central Beach and are advising residents not to consume seafood collected from the nearshore waters.

Stretching from Travia Avenue to Iberville Drive, Biloxi West Central Beach is closed, according to the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality. Officials say that the closure is due to a main break outside of a nearby lift station. The City of Biloxi is working to repair the line.

Residents and visitors are advised not to enter the water or consume any seafood collected from these nearshore waters until further notice.

In addition, officials have placed advisories in place for several other beaches in the area due to "high bacteria levels."

These segments of the beach are not closed. However, officials say there may be an increased risk of illness associated with swimming in the areas.

Advisories have been issued for:

East Courthouse Road Beach: From Courthouse Road east to Tegarden Road

Biloxi East Central Beach: From St. Peter Street east to Dukate Street

Gulfport Central Beach: From Alfonso Drive east to Arkansas Avenue

Officials state that the advisories will be lifted when samples show that levels are safe for human contact.

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