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Kitten near death rescued by detective

Source:  Slidell Police Dept. Source: Slidell Police Dept.
Source:  Slidell Police Dept. Source: Slidell Police Dept.

A baby kitten is lucky to be alive, The tiny gray, black and white kitty in the middle of a street in Slidell, lethargic, dehydrated and barely breathing.  That's when off-duty Slidell Police detective, T.J. McNulty came jogging by and discovered the abandoned cat.

McNulty make the discovery Wednesday while running in his neighborhood.  At first, he attempted to find the owners of the kitten, but was unsuccessful.  He then took it home where he and his girlfriend, Hayley, nursed the little kitten back to health.  According to the Slidell Police Department, McNulty started bottle feeding the kitten until it appeared healthy enough to bring it to a veterinarian. 

The kitten was brought to the Slidell Animal Shelter, where she reportedly is now receiving excellent veterinary care, and is expected to make a full recovery. 

What's next for the kitten's other eight lives is still unknown.  In about two weeks, the kitten will be available for adoption. Detective McNulty and Hayley are considering adopting the kitten.  If not, they hope that it goes to a good, caring home.

“This is yet another example of the fine men and women here at the Slidell Police Department that are serving our community,” says Slidell Police Chief Randy Smith.

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