Lost in Isaac: Woman's quest to return missing memories

Lost in Isaac: Woman's quest to return missing memories

BRAITHWAITE, LA (WVUE) - Hurricane Isaac swept through Louisiana in August 2012, leaving behind a path of destruction. It also left a strange memento on a Braithwaite woman's counter.

Returning to her damaged home after the hurricane, Lauran Graves was surprised at what the storm left behind. Flood waters washed a photo album into her kitchen.

"I found this picture book washed up in my house I was renting in Braithwaite," Graves said. "It's in perfect condition. It never even got wet by some miracle."

It's a photo album from a senior prom. She has not idea who the album belongs to.

The cover reads: These Are The Times: JEHS Sr. Prom, May 5, 2000

JEHS may refer to John Ehret High School, a school located in Marrero.

Inside the album are photos of dozens of smiling teens - high school memories seemingly lost after a devastating storm.

"This is someone's memories," Graves said. "They may have lost all their other pictures in that hurricane like many of us down there did."

Following the hurricane, Graves moved to Mississippi. She thought the album was lost during the move.

However, nearly three years later, Graves stumbled upon the album while cleaning. She's now on a mission to return the album to its rightful owner.

Graves hopes that someone might recognize the individuals in the photos. Anyone with information is asked to email Graves at lgraves28902@gmail.com.

"I hope we can find the owner of these photos," said Graves. "I'm sure this would be wonderful for them to have back for their 15 year high school reunion!"

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