JPSO releases new details after deputy kills Harvey man

JPSO releases new details after deputy kills Harvey man

JEFFERSON PARISH, LA (WVUE) - Jefferson Parish deputies shoot and kill a man in Harvey Friday night after they say he pointed a gun at them. It's the fourth time deputies have fired their weapons at suspects since January.

People who live in the 3000 block of Destrehan Avenue in Harvey are still shaken by the shooting death of their neighbor, 48 year old Dedrick Marshall Friday night.

Maudie Roach says, "Normally it's a nice, quiet neighborhood and that was very, very shocking, yes."

Ron Rotondella adds, "From what it looked like, they knocked on the door, the gentleman came running outside and they gave him orders, told him what to do and a shot rang out."

John Fortunato says this shooting was justified because Marshall endangered the lives of two deputies.

"He pointed the weapon at the officer, squeezed the trigger, the officer pulled his weapon and fired one shot, striking the suspect," Fortunato said.

Investigators say 911 calls were first placed at around 8:45 Friday night from concerned shoppers at a Winn Dixie in Marrero. There, Marshall allegedly confronted an ex-girlfriend and a male companion in the store. Outside, the situation escalated.

Fortunato explains, "The suspect pulled up in a vehicle, pointed a weapon, a handgun, at both of the victims, threatened them at that point and drove away."

Deputies say Marshall retreated to his home on Destrehan Avenue. That's when they showed up to question him about the incident at Winn Dixie but were met with a gun.

Rotondella, who was acquaintances with Marshall, says he wishes this story could've had a different ending.

"As far as I'm concerned, these people are trained to do what they got to do and by all means if that's what had to be done, that's what had to be done but what I saw, maybe other things could've been done."

Investigators contend Marshall was a dangerous man, with an extensive criminal history. He had arrests for aggravated battery, DWI, false imprisonment, domestic abuse and other things.

At the time of his death, Marshall was on probation for second degree battery and false imprisonment. Investigators say a loaded, 40 caliber semi-automatic handgun was found lying next to his body.

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