Why are allergies so bad right now?

Why are allergies so bad right now?

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Many of you probably enjoyed the nice weather this weekend, but today you're miserable thanks to allergies. We talked with an expert Monday to find out why allergies seem to be so bad right now and what you can do about it.

Dr. Ken Paris, a pediatric allergist with LSU Health and Children's Hospital, says he's seeing a lot of patients lately. First, he says it was tree pollen giving us problems, and now we're dealing with mold spores.

"Tree pollen season is only in the spring time so that would be March and April here in New Orleans," he said. "Grass pollen is in our environment almost all year round because we rarely have hard freezes on the south shore. Mold is prevalent when it is really moist, so in the summer time if we have those pop up showers and lots of rain every single day, we never really get a respite from the high mold count."

Paris warns that can be very dangerous for children with asthma.

"In regards to high mold counts in the environment, that's been closely linked with increases in asthma symptoms in children, and so that is really important for children with asthma to identify their allergy triggers because they will know what types of exposures might put them at risk for having asthma exacerbations," Paris said.

And we wish we had better news for you, but Paris says he doesn't see much relief in sight for kids or adults.

"As an allergist immunologist, I think the best course of treatment is to identify what your allergy trigger is, right? We all have, know, that there are over-the-counter medications that we can use to treat allergies, but if you don't know what you're allergic to and when those allergy triggers are prevalent, you know in the environment, you don't really know when to take your medications," Paris said.

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