NOPD investigates major crimes on Franklin Avenue

NOPD investigates major crimes on Franklin Avenue

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - For New Orleans Police, Franklin Avenue has recently been a hot spot for major crimes.

In one case, a dying man was found shot on a front porch. In another case, a masked gang of around 20 people attacked and stabbed two people squatting in an abandoned school.

The sign in the front of the old Gayarre School, is evidence, that it hasn't been open since Katrina, officially that is.

"Some friends of ours have been squatting in a building nearby,' said a St Claude neighborhood resident who didn't want to be identified.

One woman who lives off Franklin Avenue, near the school, says several of her friends who were sleeping inside Tuesday morning, when they were attacked by a large group of knife wielding individuals. Police say the attackers wore masks.

"One of their people got hit in a bottle, and they assumed that it came from our friends at their squat," she said.

By the end of the attack, police say two men, one 22-years-old, the other 31-years-old, were taken to the hospital, where doctors treated their stab wounds.

"It's stupidity, it's so and so vs so and so dynamic," she said.

The New Orleans Police Department won't confirm the attack involved squatters.

"It's an ongoing issue, it will reach a fever pitch and I wouldn't be surprised if people wind up dead as a result," she said.

In an apparently unrelated incident, also along Franklin Avenue, a man said that a gunshot victim wound up on a front porch.

"I looked and seen someone laying on the porch...all I seen was his foot full of blood, and I called police," he said.

Police say the victim died  after being shot in an exchange of gunfire, around the corner in the 2500 block of Prentiss.

"We're following up on leads," NOPD superintendent Michael Harrison said. "They're isolated, not related to the others as we know at this time." 

The resident we spoke with said this neighborhood has been mostly quiet since he returned from Houston two years ago, except for one incident. The resident says he scared off an apparent intruder. This time, things were far worse.

FOX 8 asked him..." Did you ever think a victim would wind up on your front porch?" The homeowner said, "Never in my wildest dreams, I hope it doesn't happen again."

So far, police have not given any details on possible suspects, but they do say they are making progress in both investigations.

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