Richard Reed trial delayed over evidentiary issue

Richard Reed trial delayed over evidentiary issue

COVINGTON, LA (WVUE) - The sexual battery trial for the brother of the former St. Tammany district attorney was pushed back three months on Thursday. Reed's attorneys wanted the extra time to get their hands on the video of the alleged groping incident.

Reed returned to a St. Tammany court as his attorneys were prepared to discuss a number of issues. But instead they asked for and got Judge Peter Garcia to grant a continuance until September for a trial that was previously set for June.

Reed sat silently as his attorneys discussed the possible continuance over an evidentiary issue. They have not been able to view the video taken inside the Chimes bar of his alleged groping of a female patron because of a formatting issue. Assistant Attorney General Butch Wilson said the video had been sent, and they hoped to have the issue worked out soon.

"This is going to be a video case. We'll see it in the next 10 days or so," said attorney Buddy Spell.

Spell promised to continue to push for a change of venue in the case.

"From what I'm seeing on social media, I think it's essential that we move outside this media market," Spell said.

Trial for Reed is now set for Sept. 21 before Judge Garcia in Covington.

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