Surveillance camera catches truck crashing into LaPlace home

Surveillance camera catches truck crashing into LaPlace home

LAPLACE, LA (WVUE) - A pick-up truck slams into a LaPlace home, taking out a brick wall with it. Residents who live in the neighborhood where the accident happened, say it's an all too common occurrence, and they want the problem, fixed.

The accident happened in a split second. Homeowner Lenor Palma says, "My neighbor says he saw the truck jump."

Nearby surveillance cameras captured the startling footage. A man, who residents say was being chased by St. John the Baptist Parish deputies along Woodland Drive, slammed into a wooden fence, and then the back of the Palma family home.

"Only five, maybe 10 minutes before I had been in that room," Lenor Palma said.

Palma had just left her grandson's room to go do laundry. Then, she heard what sounded like an explosion, and saw deputies running towards her house with their guns drawn.

Palma explains, "I'm screaming and I can't talk, I'm telling you I can't talk, my tongue is stuck, my body shakes."

The sheer force of impact sent truck debris flying, some of it even lodged between the gutters and the home's roof. Portions of the fence went flying too, ending up on the other side of the home.

"It could've been worse, it could've been a lot worse," neighbor John Deloume said.

"Our fence has been hit once, down the street, three times, we've called a number of times to get barriers put up to protect fences and all, they don't want to do it. What's it gonna take a dead person? Two dead people?", Deloume questioned.

Neighbor Cathy Pennington says the speed limit on Woodland Drive is only 35 miles per hour, but few people obey it. "They finally put the signs up, the little yellow signs up to show there is a curve but unfortunately people still speed and they run off the street and hit the fence," Pennington said.

Pennington and others want to see more enforcement by St. John deputies.

Deloume says the problem's been going on for far too long. "Been out here 15 years and can't get anything done," Deloume said.

The Palma's say they're ready to move, because they're so afraid of something like this, happening again. Although they've got quite a mess to clean up, they're very thankful no one in their house, was injured.

"This replaced, no problem, life is more important," Harold Palma said.

A spokesperson for St. John Parish says the accident is still under investigation but the parish is going to take a look at that particular stretch of Woodland Drive to see what else can be done to keep people safe.

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