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Nicondra: Overnight storm is a reminder that isolated summer storms get strong quickly


An early morning thunderstorm spawned a tornado damaging several mobile homes around 3:30 a.m. and offering a big reminder that with summer thunderstorms it's easy for one to spin off a tornado or strong winds. After the early morning heavy rains the rest of the day turned out fairly nice with mostly dry conditions and plenty of sunshine. 

It was very warm though as high temperatures bounced into the upper 80's with a few spots hitting the 90 degree mark. Another round of showers is possible even late tonight as plenty of moisture is still available and more of these small disturbances continue to rotate around the large upper low sitting over the Rocky Mountains. 

The stronger area of disturbed weather near Lake Charles and the Texas border early in the evening looks like it will move more west and north of the area, but a few showers will still manage to perk up across the area. Expect to see afternoon storms each day as we progress through the week.

-Meteorologist Nicondra Norwood

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