Scared bear spends week in central Louisiana neighborhood

Scared bear spends week in central Louisiana neighborhood


Associated Press

MARKSVILLE, La. (AP) - A young black bear has been a backyard spectacle in a central Louisiana neighborhood where he has spent the past week up one tree or another as he searches for a new home.

State wildlife biologist Maria Davidson says the bear in Marksville is among three to five that have wandered into populated areas in the past 10 days.

She says it's the time of year that mother bears chase off yearling cubs so they won't be attacked by any big males that come calling. Female yearlings often wind up fairly close to their mothers, but male cubs aren't allowed to. They take off on cross-country jaunts.

State biologists have set a trap in Dennis Carmouche's (kar-MOOSH's) yard. So far, the bear has eaten the bait and trundled back out.

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