Woman accuses Dave Peralta of harassment after finding her on online dating site

Woman accuses Dave Peralta of harassment after finding her on online dating site

CHALMETTE, LA (WVUE) - A St. Bernard woman says Parish President Dave Peralta is a menace and she is scared of him.

Vicki Capro says Peralta repeatedly looked her up on a dating website and then cruised by her house several times.

"Last month my neighbor told me she had seen him passing by house, and not just passing, which we could figure as parish president he may have business in the neighborhood, but he stopped in front of my house and stared toward my doorway for a long time considering," Capro said.

Capro said it was just a few days later when she spotted Peralta drive by her home again.

"Low and behold the blue Ford Explorer with the parish tag pulls right up in front of my house again, at that point I was scared," Capro said, "He stayed probably about a minute and then glanced in my direction and we made eye contact and when we did, he sped off at a high rate of speed."

The complaint against Peralta was filed in April.

Capro called the St. Bernard Parish Sheriff's Office when she says Peralta started to park outside of her house, staring at her door.

A deputy filed this a report, detailing allegations that Peralta was getting too close for comfort.

Capro said it all started when she created a profile on a dating website in 2013. That is when she noticed a user on the site with the handle 'dperalta' started viewing her page multiple times, almost on a daily basis.

She says that was an initial cause for concern, but she made nothing of it, deleting her account in December of 2013.

Then, she claims her neighbor caught Peralta parked outside of her door, staring at her house in April

And then days later, she saw the parish president leering again. This time while she was sitting on her neighbor's porch.

She says sexual allegations against Peralta have her rattled. It is why she filed the complaint, to show she is concerned with the parish president's behavior.

"I was terrified, I thought about increasing security at my house, I looked into buying some cameras, I was scared at night, I was actually afraid to travel alone," Capro said. "It's just a shame that the citizens of St. Bernard Parish have to be afraid of a public official, I don't feel safe, I still don't feel safe."

The allegations filed in the complaint against Peralta do not contain any criminal conduct. Deputies interviewed Peralta, who claims he may have been in the area visiting his grandson.

Peralta's attorney says the complaint is bogus and that his client has to drive by the woman's home to get to his grandson's father's house.

He thinks it is just another attempt to smear Peralta's name.

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