Breck's Blog: Efficient rainmakers...

Breck's Blog: Efficient rainmakers...

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Since our dew points are back 70+ now, it's a reminder of how much moisture (water vapor) the summer atmosphere has versus other times of the year. A basic weather principal is …the warmer the air, the higher capacity to hold more water vapor.

NWS often refers to this in their discussions by calling T-Storms "efficient rainmakers". Today was an example. It didn't rain for long (2 hours) but the intensity (1-2"+ in less than an hour)of the showers were enough to cause minor street flooding.

The challenge of forecasting this week is seeing where an old frontal boundary sets up. That will be the focus for our daily rain storms. One day it might be over the North Shore, the next day over the South Shore and the next day gone.

One thing is almost certain now that we have such summer moisture around, it will rain somewhere every day. Only when an upper high builds over us (a cap) will we stay mostly dry. That's called a HEAT WAVE! Our daily storms are Mother Nature's air conditioners.

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