CrimeTracker: Brazen armed robberies in 2nd District

CrimeTracker: Brazen armed robberies in 2nd District

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - "Just the fact that this kind of thing is something that can happen right in front of the house is really scary," says a victim.

A couple, who FOX 8 will not identify, was simply sitting in front of their South Rendon home Tuesday around 9 p.m.when they noticed two young men running down the street toward them.

"They both had masks and guns. They told us to get on the ground," says the female victim.

"We were being robbed and they were telling us, 'get on the ground, get your face down.' I didn't respond quickly. I really couldn't believe it was happening right in front of our house," says the male victim.

They say the gunmen seemed young and inexperienced.

"It's one of those helpless feelings and a scared feeling for me. They were going through my pockets and touching me. I felt violated. I didn't think they would hurt me just because they were young. They were kids, and they had no idea what they were doing," says the female victim.

The two gunmen grabbed the victims' cell phones and a wallet and then took off on foot.

While the couple was being robbed, a similar scenario was playing out in the 1100 block of Pine Street, also in the Second District. Neighbors say three Tulane students were on their way to an end of the semester get-together when they heard something behind them. Police say three men, two of them armed, ran up and demanded the students' property.

Police say a female student threw her purse and ran. The gunmen kicked a second female student in the ribs, and then elbowed a male student in the face, before taking off with his wallet and a woman's purse.

"We saw about two cops cars on that corner and three down there. Some more cops were riding down the street. We knew something happened," says Paul Nadasi.

It's an area just two blocks from Tulane's campus, where several students live and constantly travel.

"I think watching the crime reports over the last two years, they're getting closer and closer to campus," says a Tulane student.

In a half-mile radius of the Pine Street incident, police have investigated nine armed robberies since Jan. 1.

On South Rendon, three armed robberies happened within a half-mile radius from the home where the couple was held up.

In all of the Second district - including Uptown, Audubon and Broadmoor, police investigated 39 armed robberies from Jan.1 1 until May 16 of this year.

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