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HAPPENING TODAY: Legal fight over Tom Benson's assets picks up in Texas courtroom

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The family legal fight over Tom Benson's assets picks up in a Texas courtroom.

A judge in San Antonio will hear arguments over whether Benson should be permanently removed as trustee over a trust that holds car dealerships, Lone Star Capital Bank and real estate.

Earlier this year, a judge unseated Benson and appointed temporary co-receivers to manage the trust because of the ongoing legal battle for control of his empire.

His daughter and grandchildren claim he's incompetent and being manipulated by his wife, Gayle.

On Wednesday, Saints quarterback Drew Brees said Benson appears to be fine.

“I just popped in to see him. He had three newspapers on his desk - The Wall Street Journal, USA Today and a local paper. So, he seems as sharp as ever,” said Brees. “The first thing he said was 'there's my quarterback. How's it going? Man, I can't wait for this season to get started. How do you like these young guys?' he seems rejuvenated and ready to roll.”

The hearing in San Antonio is set for 10 a.m. Thursday.

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