Harrowing 911 tapes played at trial of bikers accused in attack

(CNN) - As the newly released 911 tapes were played in court, a family was forced to relive the day their SUV was surrounded by bikers and the driver was attacked.

"We have a baby in the car!" Rosalyn Ng can be heard screaming. "Oh my God stop! We have a baby in the car! Stop!"

The driver of the SUV, Alexian Lien, was pulled from his car and beaten.

Lien's wife, Ng, frantically describes the attack to the 911 dispatcher.

"My husband's bleeding all over the street, it's - we need help. We need an ambulance," she says.

The tapes were played at the trial of Robert Sims and undercover officer Wojciech Braszczok, who was off duty hat day. Both are charged with assault.

It began in September 2013 with a confrontation between Lien and riders at a motorcycle rally in Manhattan.

Lien testifies he was harassed, his mirror smashed. An accident followed, and Lien struck one of the bikers with his SUV. The rally then turned into a mob.

"Alex asked me what do I do," his wife testified. "I said just go, just go because we just need to get out of there, we're not going to survive this."

The defendants elected to have a judge, not a jury, determine the outcome.

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