People pay respects at Chalmette National Cemetery

People pay respects at Chalmette National Cemetery

The flags fluttered in the morning breeze, row after row of stars and stripes flying quietly at the Chalmette National Cemetery.

"It's just amazing really, absolutely amazing," says Yvonnne Spicuzza. "I think this is the first time I've ever been here to see all of this when all the flags are up."

Volunteers spent hours Friday placing a flag at every headstone.

There are more than 14,000, and those buried at the cemetery served in every American conflict from the War of 1812 to Vietnam.

Seth Siegel brought his young son to see the graves.

"It's pretty much the least we can do is pay a little bit of respect for the people that honor their lives to sacrifice themselves," says Siegal. "It's a beautiful place as well so we thought we'd come take a look.

A day to remember those who gave all.

"He's so little but I hope that he grows up with an appreciation for all the sacrifices that have happened for our country that are reflected right here in New Orleans and all around the country and the world," says Matthew Escarra, who visited the cemetery with his wife and infant son.

Honoring those who fought in generations past to preserve the future.