Speaks to alleged accomplice: "You'll be the one to fry, not me"

Speaks to alleged accomplice: "You'll be the one to fry, not me"

GRETNA, LA (WVUE) - A telling email sent from murder suspect Terry Speaks to his alleged accomplice Margaret Sanchez may become damning evidence against the two.

Both Speaks and Sanchez are accused of killing Bourbon Street dancer Jaren Lockhart back in 2012.

According to court documents, Speaks sent Sanchez an email while he was locked up in a federal prison in July of last year.

It said, "I want to tell everything to the people just so you can suffer like me. I did everything to clean up the mess we made and where's the thanks.. you're the one they'll fry and not me."

The email went on warning Sanchez that he'd kept boots and panties from their "mess".

"You can stop this by just being who you said you are, my wife. Next time I go into more detail," the email read.

This email was part of a memo filed by prosecutors in response to Speaks attorney filing a motion to throw out his second degree murder indictment.

Speaks attorney argued the state has no physical or forensic evidence the defendants committed a crime in Jefferson Parish or anywhere in Louisiana.

Jaren Lockhart disappeared back in June of 2012 from a Bourbon Street club around 2 a.m.

Her dismembered body washed ashore on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Speaks attorney also questioned the credibility of two federal inmates who may testify that Speaks admitted to them of disposing Lockhart's body.

Prosecutors told the judge a timeline of events, involving surveillance video and license plate recognition pictures, is enough evidence to prove a crime was committed in Jefferson Parish.

After considering the evidence, the judge agreed with the prosecution allowing the case against Terry Speaks to move forward.

His trial is set for June 15th.

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