LSU aims to avoid another regional upset

LSU aims to avoid another regional upset

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Flash back to a year ago, when LSU was a Top 8 national seed hosting a regional. After a 2-0 start, the Tigers blew a late lead and their game against Houston and then fell flat in a winner take all match-up against the Cougars to end their season in stunning fashion.

"It's still in your mind, just like the Stony Brook thing, so what you hope for all year is to get yourself back in a position to be in that same exact position this year, and you know your players aren't going to take anything for granted," LSU coach Paul Mainieri said.

This year the setup is similar. Once again, LSU is a high seed, playing in its own back yard, but this time around, the Tigers plan to finish.

"I can tell you that our team is very hungry for success this year, and I think part of it is because of what happened last year," Mainieri said. "Part of it is in '13, we got to Omaha with a really good team, and we didn't win a game there."

The expectations at LSU are Omaha or bust, and if they do they get there, the Tigers are always favorites to win. It's something that Mainieri never loses sight of, but he acknowledges the reality of winning it all is not an annual occurrence.

"You can play like crazy for several months, work as hard as you can, have a tremendous year, but if you don't win that last game of the season, everything is going to be critiqued, analyzed, evaluated, and your kids are going to be terribly disappointed, and yet in the illustrious history of LSU baseball, we've only won the last game of the year six times. So you know the chances are you're going to have to deal with that disappointment, and you're doing every thing you can to fight it off."

Three wins in three games this weekend will take LSU at least another step closer to adding a seventh national championship. The Tigers will play Lehigh Friday at 3:00 before Tulane faces UNC-Wilmington at 7:00.

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