Shrimpers: Something's fishy with prices

Shrimpers: Something's fishy with prices

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Shrimpers think something fishy is happening with prices they're getting at the docks.

"They can say what they want and they cannot convince me, all the years I've been in the business, there's price fixing going on," said Warren Delacroix, a longtime fisherman and owner of a local fishing supply shop.

Delacroix said the price fisherman are getting at the docks is at an all-time low and often is only half of what fishermen were paid last year.

"Whoever's in between, we don't know. Shrimp are worth 60 cents a pound, and you go in the marketplace and you see the same shrimp for $8.99. Something is going wrong here," Delacroix said.

Delacroix and other fishermen like Ricky Lee Sr. are upset the price drop isn't being passed on to consumers.

"They always make their money, the middle man and the top man, that's the people who make it. It's the fisherman who do all the hard work, go out catch it, stay away from their home, stay away from their families," Lee said.

Now Delacroix, who's seen a drop in sales at his New Orleans business, thinks it could start affecting the entire industry, which could ultimately mean even higher prices for consumers.

"You see the store is empty right now. We don't have the people coming in, they don't have the money to spend, so it's gonna be a ripple effect on supply stores, automobile stores, to clothing people, to grocery stores," Delacroix said.

Experts recommend consumers purchase from local markets for the best price.

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