Complaints filed against Jindal after Rand Paul statement

Complaints filed against Jindal after Rand Paul statement

BATON ROUGE, LA (WVUE) - Gov. Bobby Jindal issues a press release blasting presidential hopeful Sen. Rand Paul. On Wednesday, a Hammond man filed complaints against Jindal with the state Inspector General, saying the governor violated the state's Constitution with the release.

"Frankly I'm just fed up with Bobby Jindal using my tax dollars to run for political office," attorney C.B. Forgotston said.

Forgotston contacted the state Inspector General and Legislative Auditor Wednesday after seeing the release from Jindal's office. The statement details why Jindal thinks Sen. Rand Paul is unsuited to be Commander in Chief. The statement stems from comments Paul made about the terror group ISIS.

"Governor Jindal, using official letterhead, using government employees, violated the state constitution," Forgotston said.

The Constitution prohibits the use of public funds "to urge any elector to vote for or against any candidate or proposition."

Tulane political analyst Mike Sherman says, "Really tough for the governor to justify how this is anything but a political move."

Sherman says anything having to do with Rand Paul is of no concern to Louisiana voters. While he can't say Jindal knowingly violated the state Constitution, Sherman thinks it's clear the move was a grab for attention.

"What we're seeing is Governor Jindal trailing very severely in the polls. He's within the margin of error next to zero so he's the guy right now waving his hands as loudly as he can asking for attention. He's going to keep doing everything he can to get noticed," Sherman said.

When questioned about violating the Constitution, the governor's spokesperson Mike Reed, told FOX 8 it was an issue of national security. Reed says, "The suggestion that the Governor of Louisiana cannot or should not comment on matters of national security is without merit."

C.B. Forgotston received the same response. He says, "It is my belief that because the governor's flack failed to address my issue, that he has now agreed that the governor has violated the law."

Jindal hasn't yet announced if he's running for president, but he did form an exploratory committee last week.

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